We can never again underestimate the political appeal of toxic masculinity. It inspires loyalty like nothing else.”
— Kate Manne on Twitter, November 4, 2020

In Trump’s domination and humiliation of his morally gutless male sycophants, we have witnessed a gendered spectacle on the national stage that has broken the country and very nearly destroyed democracy. The swaggering bully who boasted that he could grab women by the pussy with impunity has in fact been grabbing Republican cojones. And he’s been getting away with it because he knows just how to trigger and exploit other men’s fears of being wussy.

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Illustration by Erkan Atay

The sexual-political dynamics that have attached Trump’s white male toadies to him need to be named for what they are: An epic display of the gender-identity panic that is built into the very social structure of manhood. …

A simple explanation for people raised to be a man

“The purpose of theory is to clarify the world in which we live, how it works, why things happen as they do.” — Andrea Dworkin

“The commitment to ending male dominance as the fundamental psychological, political, and cultural reality of earth-lived life is the fundamental revolutionary commitment.” — Andrea Dworkin

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This is a story about the worst story ever told.

It’s about the story you are told if at the time of your birth it was decided that you should grow up to be a real boy and then someday a real man. This decision was made on the fly, on the basis of a visual inspection of your baby groin. And nobody asked you, since you were just recently born. …


John Stoltenberg

Radical feminist author (Refusing to Be a Man, The End of Manhood), novelist (GONERZ), and theater reviewer (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Stoltenberg)

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